BVAI: FSX and P3D Model Matching for VATSIM

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About BVAI

BVAI was created by members of Boston Virtual ARTCC for the flight simulation community. BVAI is a complete AI package featuring your favorite aircraft and airlines for VATSIM. The package includes more than 30 aircraft models and 5,000 liveries, compatible with all versions of FSX and Prepar3D.

About Boston Virtual ARTCC

Lorem Ipsum Boston Virtual ARTCC is an integrated community of pilots and air traffic controllers operating in the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. The community provides an online training and simulation environment that is a level above what is available from flying in the single player environment.

Boston Virtual ARTCC’s numerous community-based and self-study programs help foster an environment where everyone is willing to learn and happy to help. The community is run entirely by volunteers and supported by donations. Membership is free, by application.

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This is some paragraph which outlines installation instructions. It will probably talk about an automatic installer as well as manual file transfer for paranoiacs like Anthony Scaramucci likes to call them.



BVAI is made possible by freeware developers who have created and shared content for the community. Thanks to the individuals below for contributing to this project

Livery Contributors

Andy Carroll, Bernard Tritschler, Brian Wheatley, Bruno Koppel, Charles Dayhuff, Chris Baker, Christophe Bouville, Dennis Lyng Desezar, Dukgeun Lee, Eduardo Mello, Eirik Olsen, Elias Merino, Elias Merino, Elias Merino, Erez Werber, Erez Werber, Felix Chapman, Finbar Lesmond, Florian Reuter, Gabe Bierbach, Garry Lewis, Gordon Moore, JCAI, Jim Martin, Joel Branchu, Johan Clausen, John Hanf, John Tennent, Juergen Baumbusch, Karl Hannestad, Kyle's AI Works, Maik Voigt, Maksim Rudakov, Manuel Querencias, Manuel Querencias, Marco Wolfsegger, Mariano Bonaccorso, Mike Stewart, Miljan Korac, Nils Bindauf, Oliver Kerl, Omer Manisali, Philippe Tabatchnik, Ren Yihe, Robert Williams, Ryan O'Reilly, Syamsani Shamsuri, The Flying Carpet Hub, Zafer El-Khatib

Model Contributors

Alpha India Group, FSPXAI, FSX AI Bureau, HTAI, OSP, PSAI, Raven AI, The Fruit Stand, United Traffic Team

Beta Testers

Alec Liberman, Austin Cirulli, Austin Kurkal, Benjamin Dudley, Brandon Bergna, Cam Bruno, Chris Raabe, Evan Reiter, Jakob Marker, Jordan Shamblen, Joshua Marshall, Justin Weinberg, Krikor Haijan, Matt Davies, Nate Oines, Ross Carlson, Sotiris Vasiliades, Yunus Aktas


Matthew Miller